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Parts and materials technology development
Minister holds 2nd Energy Policy Advisory Committee Meeting 2022-12-22
제2차 에너지정책 자문위원회 개최.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang presided the 2nd Energy Policy Advisory Committee Meeting on December 21 in Seoul and led discussions on SMEs and middle-market companies’ energy innovation measures and critical minerals strategy.
Minister Lee stated in his opening remarks that the Government has thus far shown good progress in energy supply management and received positive response from the public. As major countries are making various policy efforts to establish a stable critical minerals supply chain, Korea must also develop a critical minerals strategy that fits the nation’s domestic circumstances.
The committee meeting was attended by approximately 10 energy experts, including Korea Institute of Energy Technology (KENTECH) Distinguished Professor Park Chin-ho, Incheon University Professor Son Yang-hoon and Dongduk Women’s University Professor Park Joo-heon.