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2nd Vice Minister attends hydrogen bus handover & production base completion ceremony 2023-04-26
수소버스 인도식 및 인천 수소생산기지 준공식.jpg 1

Trade, Industry and Energy 2nd Vice Minister Park Il-jun attended the ceremony on April 18 at the Incheon Green Energy Shinheung Traffic bus garage held to recognize the hydrogen bus handover and Incheon hydrogen production base completion, where he toured the production and charging facilities and encouraged site workers.

In his opening message, Vice Minister Park stated that the recently increased hydrogen bus supply will bring the general public a step closer to hydrogen economy, and that MOTIE will work with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to gradually expand the supply of hydrogen buses to other local governments. He added that efforts will be made to actively support the advancement of hydrogen production, storage and transport infrastructure, as well as improve related laws and systems to further develop the hydrogen ecosystem.

The event was attended by approximately 50 persons from relevant organizations, including Incheon Deputy Mayor Lee Haeng-sook, Hydrogen Convergence Alliance (H2KOREA) head Moon Jae-do and Hyundai Motor Vice President Yoo Won-ha.