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Korea and U.S. hold Clean Energy Business Roundtable 2023-11-20
한-미 에너지 비즈니스 라운드테이블 개최.jpg 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Bang Moon Kyu and U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Jose W. Fernandez led the "Korea-U.S. Clean Energy Business Roundtable" held on the sidelines of the APEC Leaders’ Summit on November 16 in San Francisco.

The roundtable was held to facilitate discussions on the need for carbon free energy sources, investment in energy infrastructure and challenges and tasks in expanding carbon free energy and clean power. The minister gave an opening message and discussed measures for wider utilization of carbon free energy sources.

Attendees included representatives of both countries’ governments, energy-related companies and organizations such as Microsoft, SK Square and the Carbon Free (CF) Alliance.