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MOTIE announces Jeju-style Distributed Energy Masterplan 2022-04-13

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy announced the Jeju-style Distributed Energy Masterplan at the CFI Energy Future Hall on Jeju Island on April 12.

The Ministry aims to propel the masterplan under the Distributed Energy Promotion Strategy, in a way finetuned to the conditions of Jeju Island. The plan entails the establishment of distributed energy-friendly infrastructure, distributed energy-based new power industries development, and measures for improving local sentiments toward the renewable energy project.

Distributed energy refers to clean energy that is produced and consumed from a place nearby a power-consuming region, and refers to small-to-medium scale solar PV, wind, and fuel cell power. Distributed energy demand has increased along with rising social conflicts surrounding construction of large-scale power plants and transmission cables.

In regard to this situation, the Korean government has proposed several distributed energy promotion goals so far, as mentioned in the 3rd Energy Masterplan (June 2019), Carbon Neutrality Strategy 2050 (December 2020), and Energy Innovation for Carbon Neutrality Strategy (December 2021).

Jeju Island has expanded the portion of renewable energy to 39 percent out of all power facilities by establishing 870MW of solar and wind power facilities in 2021, but renewable energy output controls and faltering local acceptance of renewable energy are some of the obstacles.

To address these challenges, Jeju Island has developed the Jeju-style Distributed Energy Masterplan under the framework of the previously devised Distributed Energy Promotion Strategy (June 2021).

The Masterplan specifies the following:

1) Build large-scale ESS for the establishment of distributed energy-friendly infrastructure, and promote sector coupling involving green hydrogen and thermal energy, etc.

2) For distributed energy-based new power industries development, promote VPP and plus DR diffusion model, and lay out a locally catered microgrid.

3) To improve the local acceptance and awareness of renewable energy, run committees and forums, while also consider the installation of a mid-to-long term energy R&D center on the Island.

The Ministry will strive for the smooth implementation of Jeju-style Distributed Energy Masterplan through seamless communication and cooperation with Jeju Island’s relevant institutions and experts. The 2nd Vice Minister assured that central-local efforts, as well as close collaboration of relevant specialist groups, will seek to invigorate the diffusion of the distributed energy system.