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Parts and materials technology development
MOTIE holds Clean Hydrogen Conference 2022-04-22

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Moon Sung-wook held a Clean Hydrogen Conference with relevant industry leaders on April 21 in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province to discuss domestic hydrogen production and utilization measures, as well as examine the challenges companies face in order to find ways of assistance.

In his opening message, Minister Moon stated that hydrogen is the core means of carbon neutrality achievement and new future growth engine. He stressed that “hydrogen is distinguished from existing fossil fuels in that it’s a source of energy security that can actually be produced with capital and technology.” He encouraged companies present to make active investments and seek solutions to expand the production and utilization of clean hydrogen so as to accelerate the creation of a hydrogen industry ecosystem.

With regard to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and its role in facilitating this progress, the Minister assured that the Korean government will support companies pursue technological development and demonstration projects. MOTIE plans to introduce clean hydrogen certification and the Clean Hydrogen Energy Portfolio Standards (CHPS) in step with the amendment of Korea’s Hydrogen Act with aim to build up the economical aspect of clean hydrogen and secure stable sourcing.

Business representatives attending the meeting requested support for development of various alkaline water electrolysis technologies, demonstration projects and overseas market penetration. They also called for deregulation of equipment burst testing, in consideration of discrepancy between domestic and overseas test standards.

MOTIE plans to leverage the regulatory sandbox system to improve regulatory environment across areas of new hydrogen industries and equipment. Simultaneously, MOTIE aspires to design an ecosystem that can also secure economic feasibility in the production and utilization of clean hydrogen.

Prior to the conference, Minister Moon visited LG Chem’s VCM plant to view the chlor-alkali process and received a briefing from the company’s R&D team on their large-capacity alkaline water electrolysis equipment.