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MOTIE attends 37th IPHE meeting for hydrogen economy development 2022-04-27

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) attended the general meeting videoconference of the “37th International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE)” on April 26-27. Member states shared their newly enforced hydrogen economy policies as follow-up to the previous meeting in November, as well as their respective working-level task progresses.

IPHE consists of 23 nations, including South Korea, the U.S., Japan, China, France, UK, Australia, UAE, and Switzerland. The aim of IPHE is to seek practical solutions through international cooperation for the purpose of accelerating the ushering in of hydrogen economy.

At the conference, MOTIE presented the “1st Hydrogen Economy Implementation Masterplan”, explaining Korea’s hydrogen cycle (production, transport, storage, utilization) ecosystem establishment measures. The Ministry introduced the Hydrogen Act safety rules and the Korean government’s efforts for regulatory innovation, illustrating the recently launched demonstration projects on large-scale green hydrogen production and hydrogen forklift operation.

The U.S., China, Japan, and UK were among some countries that focused on the energy security reinforcement aspects in their implementation of hydrogen policies. The U.S. announced that it had managed to secure USD 9.5 billion for hydrogen sectors by the passing of a bipartisan bill for infrastructure investment, and China gave a briefing of its mid-to-long term hydrogen energy industrial development plans.

Japan revealed the results of the world’s first demonstration project of its liquid-form hydrogen transportation, while the UK and Germany mentioned their plans to up their low-carbon hydrogen production target from 5GW to 10GW by 2030.

France announced its EUR 1.9 billion additional investment for the hydrogen sector as part of the "France 2030" plan, and UAE became the first GCC country to join IPHE.

A MOTIE official observed that “countries are building their own hydrogen economies and energy independence in response to the global energy market crisis,” and stated that “the Ministry will make utmost efforts to keep pace with the competitive sprint of energy transformation by establishing an internal and external clean hydrogen economy ecosystem.”