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Parts and materials technology development
Minister attends International Forum on Resilient and Stable Industrial Supply Chains 2022-09-20

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang attended the International Forum on Resilient and Stable Industrial Supply Chains held in China by videoconferencing on September 19 and gave a congratulatory message for its opening ceremony.

The forum was first proposed by China during the G20 meetings in October 2021, and hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on September 18-19, with the participation of international organizations and various countries’ high-ranking government officials.

In his congratulatory remarks, Minister Lee emphasized the importance of mutually beneficial cooperation among countries amid rising uncertainties and shared challenges, such as carbon neutrality and digital transition.

In particular, he stated that global supply chain stabilization requires not just bilateral efforts, but regional and multilateral communication channel activation, and mentioned South Korea's constructive contribution to this end through participation in numerous consultative groups.

Furthermore, the Minister encouraged all countries to support efforts to adapt in time to the new paradigm shifts and ensure that companies can engage in business management in more predictable and stable environments.