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Parts and materials technology development
Minister attends 15th Semiconductor Day 2022-10-28

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang attended the 15th Semiconductor Day ceremony on October 27 held at COEX in Seoul to award medals and orders of merit to 83 persons for their contribution to domestic chip industry advancement.

Semiconductor Day was first started in 2008 to commemorate October 29, 1994, the day when South Korea’s chip exports reached USD 10 billion. This year's ceremony was attended by approximately 400 persons, including representatives from relevant academia and industries.

Korea has ranked second in the global chip race for nine years running, and semiconductors are one of the core pillars of Korea’s exports, taking up 20 percent and 17 percent of total exports and value-added manufacturing, respectively.

At the ceremony, Minister Lee gave a congratulatory message, stating that “global economic slowdown risks are rising, darkening industry prospects for second half semiconductor exports in 2022, but the chips market outlook is still bright as we enter the digital transition era.”

He called for companies to persist in pursuing their goal of making KRW 34 trillion won in investments by 2026 and training up highly skilled specialists through institutions like the Semiconductor Academy.

The Minister assured that “despite difficulties, the Government will also strive to expand investment incentives for companies and secure necessary budget.” He relayed that a “High-Tech Strategic Industry Committee will be launched in the near future and designate chip-focused industrial complexes and nurture them into a global innovation cluster by providing incentives and permit exceptions.”

At the ceremony, 83 persons were awarded medals and orders of merit for their contribution to the industrial and national status enhancement through high-tech localization and innovative product development.

The Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit went to Wonik Chairman Lee Yong-han in acknowledgement of his efforts to develop film deposition equipment for the entire chipmaking process, which advanced the localization of MPE (materials, parts, equipment) and mutual growth of downstream and upstream businesses.

The Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit was presented to SK Hynix Senior Managing Director Choi Jung-dal for his successful development of world’s first 128- and 176-layer NAND.

The Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit was awarded to Samsung Electronics Senior Director Ko Kyung-min for his contribution to achieving accumulated sales revenue of $24.6 billion with the development of smartphone camera image sensor technology.