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Parts and materials technology development
2022 Global Top Specialty MPE Enterprise Awards Ceremony 2022-01-13
2022 MPE Global Top Specialty Awards Ceremony.jpg 1
Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister Moon Sungwook held an awards ceremony on January 10 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul for awarding 21 materials, parts, and equipment (MPE) enterprises under the theme of “Global Top Specialty MPE Enterprises! Going Global! Into the Future!”
At the event, Minister Moon delivered a congratulatory message projecting Korea’s vision for building up highly promising domestic MPE companies to lead the core strategic technology sectors of the future global market. The companies were each presented a Global Top Specialty Enterprise Award Certificate.
Approximately 50 attendees were present at the ceremony, including evaluation committee chairperson Lee Woo-il, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) President Chung Yang-ho, as well as ENF Technology President Kim Jung-soo among 21 Global Top Specialty representatives.