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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Moon presides Korea Root Industries Conference 2022-04-08
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Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister Moon Sung-wook presided the Root Industries Conference at the Korea Federation of SMEs (KBIZ) on April 6 to facilitate public-private discussions for strategic development of Korea’s 14 major industries.
“Root industries” refer to industries employing technologies that serve as the foundation of all manufacturing sectors, including casting, welding, molding, and heat processing. Minister Moon delivered opening remarks and presided discussions on the mid-to-long term development of root industries and public-private joint strategy directions. Committees in the 14 major business sectors also shared their common challenges and countermeasure proposals.
The event was attended by KBIZ Chairman Kim Ki-mun, Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative Chairman Shin Yong-moon, and Korea Semiconductor Industry Association Vice President Lee Chang-han, among approximately 20 representatives of various organizations.