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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Moon visits Boeing Korea Engineering & Technology Center 2022-04-20
산업부 장관 『보잉사 한국 R&D 센터』 방문.jpg 1
Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister Moon Sung-wook visited the Boeing Korea Engineering & Technology Center (BKETC) in Seoul on April 20 to tour the AR- and AI-based aviation technology development site and encourage the workers for their technological innovations and contribution to Korea-U.S. cooperation.
Minister Moon received a briefing on Boeing’s space freighter services, satellite-based internet business (November, 2021), and its plans to launch 147 satellites over the next six years. Noting the great transformation taking place across the space and aviation landscape, Minister Moon expressed a positive stance towards Korea’s space industry R&D with Boeing and recognized the need for prompt industrialization strategies. He stated that “the Ministry will support the establishment of space infrastructure, localization of critical materials and parts, and work with relevant ministries to improve regulations.”