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Parts and materials technology development
1st Vice Minister attends R&D Institutions' Conference 2022-07-13
연구개발(R&D) 수행기관 간담회.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 1st Vice Minister Jang Young-jin attended the R&D Institutions’ Conference on July 11 at the Government Complex Sejong to discuss reorganization measures across all cycles of R&D process in accordance with the new regime’s industrial technology innovation strategy follow-up.
The Vice Minister delivered opening remarks, stating that they must “innovate the R&D process overall to create outcomes worthy of the KRW 30 trillion R&D budget,” and assured that the Ministry will “pursue deregulation and system improvements to bolster companies’ innovation capacity and industrial competitiveness.” The attendees discussed measures for R&D globalization and process improvement.
The conference was attended by National Research Council of Science and Technology Chairperson Kim Bok-chul, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) President Lee Nak-kyu, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials President Park Sang-jin and Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH) President Na Seung-sik.