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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Lee attends SMEs Business Leaders Conference 2022-09-08
중소기업중앙회 기업인 간담회.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang attended the SMEs Business Leaders Conference on September 7 at the Korea Federation of SMEs (KBIZ) in Seoul to gather industry opinions and discuss support measures for SMEs per key sector. 
Minister Lee stated that the Ministry will strive to help SMEs grow into global companies by providing support for technological innovation, deregulating, and value enhancement. In particular, he promised to prepare the 3rd Ppuri (Root) Industry Advancement Masterplan by the end of this year, which will help upscale the root industry into a value-added, high-tech industry, in which numerous manufacturing companies and SMEs are positioned.
The meeting was attended by approximately 20 persons, including KBIZ Chairman Kim Ki-moon, Korea Federation Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry Co-Operatives Chairman Bae Cho-woong, Korea Electric Wire Industry Cooperative Chairman Hong Seong-kyu and Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative Chairman Shin Yong-moon.