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Parts and materials technology development
MOTIE holds Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongnam Investment Help Desk Conference 2022-09-14
부울경 지역투자 헬프데스크 간담회.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 1st Vice Minister Jang Young-jin presided the Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongnam Investment Help Desk Conference on September 14 at the Ulsan Exhibition and Convention Center (UECO) to discuss companies’ challenges in local investment and countermeasures. 
He gave an opening message, stating that “the Ministry is currently pushing a swift and bold innovation program for deregulation,” adding that allowing private sectors the freedom and creativity through innovation and “resolving difficulties in local investment is a prerequisite for revitalization of local economy and industries.”
The event was attended by approximately 20 persons, including Ulsan’s Deputy Mayor of Economy Ahn Hyo-dae, Gyeongsangnam-do Economy Deputy Governor Kim Byung-gyu and Busan Digital Economy Innovation Office Director Lee Jun-seung.