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Parts and materials technology development
1st Vice Minister attends 36th Textile Day 2022-11-15
제36회 섬유의 날 기념식.jpg 1
Trade, Industry and Energy 1st Vice Minister Jang Young-jin attended the 36th Textile Day on November 11 in Seoul to encourage those in the textiles and fashion industry and congratulate the robust exports despite economic slowdown and supply chain realignment concerns.
The Vice Minister gave a congratulatory message and awarded medals and orders of merit to 47 persons who contributed to the development of the textile industry, including Huvis CEO Shin You-dong, who received the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for creating low melting bonding fiber (LMF) among a number of world-class items.
The event was attended by approximately 300 persons, including the awardees and industry representatives, such as Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) Chairman Lee Sang-woon, Spinners and Weavers Association of Korea (SWAK) Chairman Kim Joon and Korea Fashion Industry Association (KFIA) Chairman Han Jun-seok.