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Korea enhances standards partnership with ASEAN for effective Korea-ASEAN Solidarity Initiative execution 2023-11-14

With aim to successfully execute the “Korea-ASEAN Solidarity Initiative” from last year's Korea-ASEAN Summit, Korea will be strengthening its standards collaboration with ASEAN, its second-largest trade partner and the world's fifth-largest economic entity.

The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), hosted a joint research workshop for improving standards cooperation between Korea and ASEAN on November 13. This event was attended by 120 people, including 56 standards officials from 10 ASEAN countries.

This inaugural Korea-ASEAN standards cooperation workshop was organized to exchange findings from joint research since 2019 and to deliberate on future growth strategies, such as broadening the range of collaboration. Standards experts from both Korea and ASEAN presented on the current technical aspects and standardization trends in three key areas of cooperation, namely smart manufacturing, smart cities, and green construction, and suggested measures for attaining concrete outcomes.

Following this event, the 4th joint research group meeting between KATS and the ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality (ACCSQ) is scheduled for November 17 to discuss plans to establish a Korea-ASEAN standards cooperation framework reflecting the outcomes of this workshop.

KATS President Jin Jong-wook remarked that "this workshop is a crucial step to fortifying our standards partnership, following the Korea-ASEAN agreement in September to upgrade our relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. In light of the rigorous global standards competition, we are planning to establish an ongoing dialogue channel for standards between Korea and ASEAN."