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Parts and materials technology development
Industry Ministry launches support group for innovation of materials, parts and equipment industries 2020-04-07
(20.04.07)융합혁신지원단 출범 및 자동차 상생협력 협약식04-석영철 산업기술진흥원장에게 현판 전달.JPG 1

Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo (left) attended a launching ceremony of the Support Group composed of state-funded R&D institutes, in order to facilitate convergence and innovation across materials, parts and equipment sectors. The event was held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in Seoul, on April 7. The Ministry expects the alliance will play a key role of supporting R&D activities of the three sectors and so help them decrease technological dependence on a single market.

The Support Group consists of 32 public research institutes. The materials, parts and equipment businesses will have easier access to resources owned by state-funded institutes such as research personnel and test equipment.