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Parts and materials technology development
First Vice Minister attends Korea Technology Center Opening Ceremony 2022-04-26

Trade, Industry and Energy 1st Vice Minister Park Jin-kyu attended the Korea Technology Center (KTC) Opening Ceremony at the Jigok General Industrial Complex located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province on April 26, held by the global semiconductor company Lam Research.

KTC is an R&D center established within the Jigok Industrial Complex by Lam Research. It was completed in February of this year, and is set to headquarter Lam Research Korea in the near future.

The world’s 3rd largest semiconductor equipment company (by market share ranking), Lam Research first conceptualized the establishment of a high-tech R&D center in Korea years ago, and the launching of KTC is the culmination of its efforts.

As KTC will soon be accommodating approximately 100 outstanding employees, Lam Research expects that the cutting-edge R&D infrastructure will serve as its major global R&D network hub.

Vice Minister Park extended a congratulatory message to Lam Research on building such state-of-the-art R&D facilities in Korea, and expressed his anticipation of KTC’s contribution to bolstering Korea’s semiconductor industry. He added that the Ministry will continue to foster an environment conducive to the global chip giant and other MPE (materials, parts, and equipment) investors.

The KTC opening ceremony was attended by approximately 50 persons, including Lam Research CEO Tim Archer, U.S. Chargé d'Affaires to the Republic of Korea Christopher Del Corso, Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA) Chairman Kwak Noh-jung, and Samsung Electronics Chief Technology Officer Jung Eun-seung among other relevant personnel.