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Parts and materials technology development
Trade Minister Yoo attends forum to discuss trade strategy on environmental issues 2021-02-18
(21.02.17)탄소중립을 위한 통상 전략 포럼02.JPG 1
Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee met with trade experts from industry and academia at a forum held at the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) on February 17, to discuss trade strategies amid rising concerns about climate change.

Trade Minister Yoo mentioned that the multilateral trading system centered on the WTO should play a more active role in climate change and environmental issues, and said that at the Structured Discussions on Trade and Environmental Sustainability (TESSD) to be held in March, Korea will raise the following issues: tariff reduction on environmental products, further opening of the environmental service market, and strengthening of WTO-level review on environment-related measures such as the carbon border adjustment mechanism.

MOTIE will continue to communicate with academic and industry experts on environment-related issues.