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Parts and materials technology development
Minister Moon meets with Cytiva CEO to discuss investment in Korea’s production facilities 2021-08-10
(21.08.10)글로벌 백신 원부자재 기업인 싸이티바社 대표 면담01.JPG 1
Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Moon Sungwook met with Cytiva CEO Emmanuel Ligner in Seoul, on August 10, to discuss investment opportunities in Korea’s production facilities with the global supplier of raw and subsidiary materials used in vaccine production.

Minister Moon stressed that Korea has high potential for market growth as the country is implementing a national strategy to become a global vaccine hub based on its excellent biopharmaceutical production capabilities.

He added that the government plans to expand support through tax benefits and other means so that Korea could play a pivotal role in vaccine R&D, production, supply, and exports.