Minister Joo Hyunghwan


Thank you very much for visiting our ministry’s English website!

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), as the leading ministry in charge of the Republic of Korea’s real economy, is striving to develop sustainable future growth engines and create new jobs through the development of industries at home and the promotion of exports overseas.

Our economy is confronted with daunting tasks on all fronts, such as coping with a slowdown in global economic growth and trade and intensifying competition with emerging countries. Exports, the main driver of our economic growth, are slowing, while our major industries are facing new challenges.

Recognizing the mission to seek changes and reforms for our industries, all our officials at the MOTIE, including myself, are doing our best to communicate with people and companies in the field in order to move forward toward a new future through convergence and innovation in exports, trade, industries, energy and every corner of our economy.

Most of all, our ministry will put the top priority on creating new value and future growth engines for our industries, while overcoming export difficulties by helping pioneer new and promising markets overseas. It will also focus on establishing a good environment to do business and create jobs through regulatory reform as well as a stable and safe energy supply and demand system for the our people.

Our industries are at a crucial inflection point between growth and stagnation, and how we deal with the current situation will decide the fate of our economy on the world stage over the next 30 years.

I would like to thank you again and ask for your continued support and warm advice for us as we take a new great step toward the future development of the Korean economy.

Joo Hyunghwan

Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • Name Joo Hyunghwan
  • Position Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy


  • 1991 Ph. D. in Business Administration, University of Illinois, U.S
  • 1986 Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Illinois, U.S.
  • 1984 B.A. in Business Administration, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

Work Experience

  • Jan.2016 – Present Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE)
  • Jul.2014 – Jan.2016 Vice Minister, Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF)
  • Feb.2013 – Jul.2014 Secretary to the President for Economic and Financial Affairs
  • Jan.2012 – Feb.2013 Deputy Minister, MOSF
  • Aug.2011 – Jan.2012 Secretary General, Presidential Committee on Green Growth
  • Apr.2011 – Aug.2011 Secretary General, Presidential Council on National Competitiveness
  • Sept.2009 – Apr.2011 Director General, International Economic Affairs Bureau, MOSF
  • Feb.2009 – Sept.2009 Deputy Director General for Growth Infrastructure, MOSF
  • Apr.2008 – Feb.2009 Executive Secretary, Presidential Council for Future and Vision
  • Dec.2005 – Apr.2008 Senior Advisor for Science, Technology and Innovation, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Feb.2005 – Dec.2005 Director General, National Human Resources Development Institute
  • Apr.2003 – Feb.2005 Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic and Financial Affairs
  • May.2001 – Apr.2003 Director, Banking Policy Division, Financial Policy Bureau, Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE)
  • Sept.2000 – May.2001 Chief of Staff, Office of Minister of Finance and Economy, MOFE
  • Nov.1999 – Sept.2000 Director, Coordination Division, Economic Policy Bureau, MOFE
  • Jun.1997 – Nov.1999 Advisor, Executive Director’s Office, World Bank
  • Dec.1995 – Jun.1997 Chief, Personnel Division, MOFE
  • Dec.1994 – Dec.1995 Senior Advisor, Office of Minister of Finance and Economy, MOFE
  • Apr.1994 – Dec.1994 Deputy Director, Basic Commodity Division, Welfare & Price Policy Bureau, Economic Planning Board (EPB)
  • Feb.1994 – Apr.1994 Deputy Director, Budget Policy Division, Budget Office, EPB
  • Jun.1991 – Feb.1994 Deputy Director, Trade Coordination Division, International Economic Coordination Office, EPB
  • Apr.1984 – Jun.1991 Deputy Director, International Economic Cooperation Division, Fair Trade Policy Division and other Divisions, EPB

Vice Minister Lee Kwan-sup

  • Name Lee Kwan-sup
  • Position First Vice Minister


  • 1994 Master of Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School
  • 1984 B.S. in Business Administration, Seoul National University
  • 1980 Kyeongbuk High School

Work Experience

  • Jul.2014 – Present 1st Vice Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE)
  • Apr.2013 – Jul.2014 Deputy Minister for Industrial Policy, MOTIE
  • Jan.2012 – Apr.2013 Deputy Minister for Energy & Resources, MOTIE (formerly MKE)
  • Jun.2011 – Jan.2012 Committee Staff Director, Grand National Party
  • Jan.2010 – May.2011 Director-General for Energy Industry Policy, Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE)
  • Sep.2009 – Jan.2010 Director-General for Industry and Economic Policy, MKE
  • Mar.2008 – Sep.2009 Senior Assistant Secretary to Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Apr.2007 – Mar.2008 Director-General/Head of Management Support Office, Public Innovation Center, Ministry of Planning and Budget
  • Jan.2005 – Apr.2007 Director, Industrial Technology Policy Team, MOCIE
  • Oct.2000 – Jan.2005 Director, Digital Electronics Industry Division/Nuclear Waste Team, MOCIE
  • Apr.1996 – Oct.2000 Assistant Secretary, Office of the President
  • 1984 Passed the 27th Public Administration Examination

Vice Minister Woo Taehee

  • Name Woo Taehee
  • Position Second Vice Minister


  • 2011 Ph.D. in Business Administration, Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea
  • 2000 M.A. in Policy Economics, University of California at Berkeley, U.S.
  • 1989 M.A. in Public Administration, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
  • 1984 B.A. in Public Administration, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea

Work Experience

  • 2016 – Present Second Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE)
  • 2015 – 2016 Deputy Minister for Trade, MOTIE
  • 2013 – 2015 Assistant Minister for Trade and Chief Negotiator for the FTAs, MOTIE
  • 2012 – 2013 Director General, Technology Policy, Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE, precursor of MOTIE)
  • 2011 – 2012 Director General, Global Industrial Cooperation, MKE
  • 2010 – 2011 Director General, Bureau of Manufacturing Industries, MKE
  • 2009 – 2010 Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, MKE
  • 2007 – 2009 Commercial Attaché, Korean Embassy in the United States
  • 2007 Senior Industrial Policy Administrator, Presidential Secretary Office
  • 2005 – 2007 Director, Trade Promotion Division, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE, precursor of MKE)
  • 2002 – 2005 Consul, Korean General Consulate in New York
  • 2000 – 2002 Director, Industrial Promotion Division, MOCIE
  • 1997 – 2000 Director, Industrial Policy Division, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI, precursor of MOCIE)
  • 1995 – 1996 Deputy Director, Planning and Budget Division, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE, precursor of MTI)
  • 1993 – 1995 Deputy Director, Industrial Policy Division, MOTIE
  • 1988 – 1993 Deputy Director, Trade Cooperation Division, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI, precursor of MOTIE)
  • 1988 Deputy Director, Export Division, MTI
  • 1984 Probationary Officer, Ministry of Government Administration