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Experts lay down vision for international standards leadership of Korea's homegrown technologies
  • Registration date2024-02-08
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Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Dukgeun Ahn chaired a conference on February 7 in Seoul with international standards experts to discuss measures for expanding the leadership of homegrown technologies in the domain of international standards.


Conference attendees included International Organization for Standardization (ISO) President Sung Hwan Cho among a number of other leaders initiating the standards strategy development and legislation of international standards in organizations like the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).


Standards experts voiced in unison the importance of securing competitive advantage in international standards as not only an essential part of overseas market entry but also a means for gaining hegemony in advanced technologies and outpacing rival countries in the intensifying race for international standards dominance.


In this regard, a wide range of opinions were presented on ways to expand the development of draft international standards in collaboration with R&D, training next-generation international standards experts, and strengthening partnerships with leading countries in international standards.


Minister Ahn stated that “the ministry will establish the advanced industries’ standards strategy within the first half of this year to bolster the leadership of homegrown technologies in international standards and related organizations.”