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Five-tier energy efficiency EV grading system now enforced in full
  • Registration date2024-04-01
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The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) announced that beginning April 1, the five-tier energy efficiency grading system for electric vehicles (EVs) will be enforced in full, with all EVs (278 models) in the market to be given their respective energy efficiency grade rated on a scale of one to five, with one being the highest in efficiency.


The grading system had already been enforced on the newer EV models as of September 1 in 2023, and starting April 1 this year, all EV models, including older ones, are mandated to carry their energy efficiency grade label.


Six models landed under grade one, taking up 2.2 percent out of total, followed by 54 models classified as grade two (19.4 percent), 73 models as grade three (26.3 percent), 83 models as grade four (29.8 percent), and 62 models as grade five (22.3 percent).


Amid the recent steep climb of the number of EV registrations and registered models, the grading system is anticipated to help consumers compare EVs’ energy efficiency more easily, heightening the competitiveness of high-efficiency models.


MOTIE expects this grading system to facilitate the industry’s technological development and consumer preference towards high energy efficiency EV models. The ministry plans to analyze the EV market trends and outcomes of the grading system for further improvement.