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MOTIE-shipyards joint TF aiming to lead global standards in autonomous ship navigation
  • Registration date2024-05-14
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The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) announced that its public-private joint task force (TF) on autonomous ship navigation attended on May 14 the Symposium "Sailing together: Striving for a Future-Proof IMO MASS Code,” co-sponsored by Korea and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Now in its second year, the symposium aims to promote the sharing of research and technology trends on autonomous ship navigation, in line with the 108th session of the Maritime Safety Committee beginning May 15. This year’s symposium is all the more significant in terms of the IMO’s non-mandatory goal-based MASS Code approval slated for this year.


Composed of MOTIE officials and domestic shipyards’ representatives, the public-private joint TF introduced Korea’s autonomous navigation system, technological development progress (led by Korean government and KASS), and commercialization program (led by HD Hyundais’ Avikus and Samsung Heavy Industries, etc.).


On the margins of the symposium, MOTIE officials held bilateral talks with the IMO’s Marine Technology Head Sascha Pristrom and shared Korea’s systems and technology environment that facilitates demonstrations for the world’s first autonomous ship navigation laws and regulatory sandboxes. Moreover, they visited the UK’s Department for Business and Trade to discuss measures for bilateral synergy through the combination of UK’s eco-friendly technologies and Korea’s shipbuilding capacity.